Liqui Moly GUNTEC Silencer Cleaner Non Corrosive 500ml 24395

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Product Description

Aqueous special surfactant solution to quickly and thoroughly dissolve and neutralize tenacious combustion residues in silencers. Thanks to its independent effect, it enables even silencers that cannot be disassembled and high-performance carbon silencers to be cleaned easily and completely.

- highly effective
- fast-acting water
- based cleaning solution
- automatically dissolves smoke deposits in the muffler
- not corrosive to metals
- simple to use

Areas of application
For cleaning silencers in the event of smoke deposits. Also suitable for ultrasonic baths.

Silencers that can be disassembled: Place silencer in the silencer cleaner. With normal contamination the residues in the silencer are dissolved after about 2 hours. Then it can easily be mechanically cleaned with a soft brush and water. Silencers that cannot be disassembled: Seal silencer on one side and fill with the cleaner. With normal contamination empty the silencer halfway after 2 hours, seal tightly on both sides, shake well and empty.
After cleaning, carefully rinse the silencer with water, dry them and preserve them with GUNTEC Gun Oil or GUNTEC Gun Care Spray. In case of very heavy contamination, the time the cleaner is allowed to take effect can be extended up to 24 hours.