Liqui Moly GUNTEC Gun Oil 100ml 24391

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Product Description

Highly adherent, medium-viscous special oil for preserving and lubricating guns and metal parts. Ensures optimum corrosion protection and, thanks to its outstanding lubricating properties, provides optimum wear protection for moving parts and at all lubrication points. Thanks to good penetration properties and high protection against resinification, it is also ideal for lubricating precision mechanical components. A versatile gun oil with good plastic compatibility and the option of oiling wood.

- long-term corrosion protection
- excellent long-term lubricating effect
- outstanding oil film strength
- ensures hydrophobic (strongly water-repellent) surfaces
- outstanding dissolving properties for powder and smoke residues
- compatible with most commercially available plastics
- does not attack burnished parts
- strong adhesion and yet easy to remove
- extremely easy to use
- broad application area
- does not resinify or become sticky
- does not contain acids

Areas of application
Preserves, lubricates and protects guns, machines, tools, metallic components, instruments and much more from wear, rust and corrosion. Excellent protection against environmental influences during intermediate storage of metal parts and semi-finished products.

Carefully clean parts before oiling. Old oil residues can be easily removed with LIQUI MOLY Rapid Cleaner (part no. 3318). Apply a small amount of oil to the lubrication points after drying and wipe off any excess oil. Clean oil from the barrel and the chamber before shooting.