Liqui Moly GUNTEC Gun Waterproof Wear Resistance Grease 50ml 24392

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Product Description

Strongly adherent synthetic special grease with ceramic solid lubricants. Ensures the safe functioning of all types of weapons due to its excellent lubricating effect. Due to their emergency running properties, the solid lubricants contained ensure the lowest friction coefficients and best possible wear protection even in critical lubrication situations. Offers the necessary corrosion protection for all metallic components even under extreme operating conditions.
- excellent wear resistance
- outstanding corrosion protection
- extremely low friction
- waterproof
- high-strength adhesion
- very compatible with plastics
- wide operating temperature range
- long-term stability
- does not contain resins or acid
Areas of application
For lubrication of guns and weapon components of all kinds. Especially suitable for metal/plastic or metal/metal and plastic/plastic friction pairings in guns and precision mechanical components. Also for the lubrication of components in the low temperature range as well as components which are subject to a wide operating temperature range.
Carefully clean parts before greasing. Old grease residues can be easily removed with LIQUI MOLY Rapid Cleaner (part no. 3318). Apply a thin layer to the lubrication points after drying.