Liqui Moly GUNTEC Barrel and Gun Cleaner 200ml 24394

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Product Description

Cleaning foam for intensive yet gentle cleaning of handguns and rifles, including the barrels. Compatible with practically all materials (wood, blued metals, stainless steel, plastic). Particularly suitable for removing copper or tombac residues from barrels, thereby resolving the problems with precision that these cause.

- universal application
- removes dirt from weapon surfaces
- dissolves smoke, tombac and copper residue
- non-corrosive

Areas of application
For cleaning handguns and rifles as well as gun barrels.

Spray the cleaner on the surfaces to be treated. The foam adheres there and its cleaning effect sets in. As soon as it has collapsed again after some time, wipe it off together with the dissolved residues. When cleaning barrels, spray the foam into the barrel from the chamber side. Seal off the filled barrel at the front and position the weapon with the barrel side facing down. After allowing to take effect for 30 – 60 min, the cleaner also removes deposits of copper, tombac and smoke.
Then remove the cleaning foam together with the dissolved contaminants from the barrel, e.g. using tow (oakum) or felt cleaners. After cleaning, preserve the barrel with GUNTEC Gun Oil or GUNTEC Gun Care Spray. Note: Test material compatibility in an inconspicuous place before applying.