Liqui Moly Gear Oil Treatment With Stop Leak 50 ML Lubricate Treatment 1042

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Product Description

Stops oil loss in transmissions that drip. Regenerates hardened plastic and rubber seals. No more environmentally pollutant oil patches. Prevents oil leaking onto clutches and prevents lubrication deficiency and transmission damage due to an insufficient quantity of oil.
- Prevents oil leaks and pollution of the environment
- Increases operational reliability
- Optimum lubrication under all operating conditions
- Avoids oil leaking onto clutches
- Prevents oil loss
- Simple to use
- Remedies leaks at shrunken or porous seals
- Miscible with all commercially available gear oils
For manual transmissions, power take-off and differential gears. Note: Not suitable for DSG or automatic transmissions or differentials and motorbikes with wet clutches.
One tube is sufficient for 1 litre of gear oil. The product can be added at any time. For best results, add every time the oil is changed.