Liqui Moly Diesel System Wear Protect Lubricant Fuel Additive 150ml 5122

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Product Description

With the majority of low-sulphur diesel fuels, wear in the fuel-lubricated distributor injection pumps which are installed in passenger vehicles and small heavy goods vehicles is increased if lubricant additives are not added to the diesel fuel. The additive is a combination of agents which has been especially developed for low-sulphur diesel fuels to help reduce wear in the fuel-lubricated distributor injection pumps.
- tested for the use with catalytic converters
- protects expensive components against wear and corrosion
- no pollution to the environment
- economical - simple to use
- increases service life
- friction and wear reducing
- Excellent aging protection
Areas of application
Can be used with all low-sulphur diesel fuels and diesel fuels with normal sulphur.
Added before or after filling up with fuel. 150 ml pack sufficient for 80 l of diesel fuel. Dosage 1:533