Liqui Moly Diesel Smoke Stop 150ml Made in Germany 1808

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Product Description

Highly effective diesel fuel additive with an important state-of-the-art effect. The product reduces soot emissions from diesel engines by accelerated soot combustion. Improves considerably the environmental compatibility of diesel passenger and heavy goods vehicles and prevents odour pollution and impairment of visibility. This product also keeps engines and injectors clean, prevents seizing of injector needles, maintains engine performance and reduces the frequency of repairs.
- good corrosion protection
- improves the turbidity value
- no pollution to the environment
- self mixing
- eliminates diesel knocking
- does not contain heavy metals
- high engine cleanliness
- no smell
- reduces soot emissions
- prevents seizing and cold welding
- keeps injection nozzles clean
Areas of application
Used for all passenger and commercial vehicle engines without diesel particulate filters, for buses as well as agricultural, forestry and stationary engines.
Use 150 ml for 50 l Diesel fuel, i.e. 1:333. Pour the contents of the can into the tank before filling up with fuel.