Liqui Moly Anti-Bacterial Diesel Additive 1L Made in Germany 5150

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Product Description

Highly active biocide with wide action spectrum against bacteria, yeasts and moulds. Use biocides safely.
Always read the label and product information before use.
- keeps injection nozzles clean
- reduces pollutant emissions
- neutralizes acids
- eliminates diesel knocking
- active in preventing bacterial infestation
- decontaminates infested tank systems
- highly effective
Areas of application
For preventive use in diesel-powered vehicles that have been decommissioned for a long time or are in low use such as construction machinery, commercial vehicles, mobile homes, passenger motor vehicles, in storage tanks or for disinfection of contaminated tank systems.
Dosage 1:1000. One 25 ml measurement cup is sufficient for 25 litres of diesel fuel. For prevention, add the corresponding amount before filling the tank. For extreme bacteria and mould infestation with clogged filter, use it as a remedial shock treatment (dosage 1:200).
Biozid, Causes serious eye damage, Causes skin irritation, H411, Harmful if inhaled, Harmful if swallowed, May be fatal if swallowed and enters airways, May cause an allergic skin reaction