Liqui Moly A/C System Cleaner Spray, Remove Bacteria & Mold 250ml 4087

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Product Description

Cleaning fluid for removing mold and bacteria (e.g. legionella) simply and effectively from A/C systems in passenger cars, commercial vehicles, buses and in the home without dismantling. Leaves behind a pleasantly fresh fragrance after cleaning. Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.
- destroys molds and bacteria
- cleans air inlet ducts
- removes musty smells
- assures fresh, clean air
- forms a protective film
- increases ride comfort
- expert's microbiological report available
Areas of application
Used for cleaning and disinfecting air conditioning systems in passenger motor vehicles and commercial vehicles. The product can also be used for domestic air conditioning systems.
Packed in portions:
One pack will treat one vehicle or one air conditioning system. If the manufacturer of the air conditioning system provides a cleaning service recommendation, this recommendation must be observed. If no model specific instructions are available from the passenger car manufacturer, follow the LIQUI MOLY recommendation for application. Spray the cleaning fluid directly on the surface of the evaporator (if possible) for commercial vehicle, bus and home A/C systems.
LIQUI MOLY recommended use:
- Make sure the window is open during the cleaning process. Avoid inhaling the vapors during cleaning.
- Check to make sure that the condensation water drainage openings are not blocked
- Dry the surface of the evaporator for 10 minutes with the engine running using the following heater and blower settings: Switch off the air conditioning unit and set to air circulation. Set the air distribution switch to footwell. Turn the temperature regulator and blower selector to maximum.
Cleaning the air conditioning system:
- Insert the probe of the cleaner toward the evaporator (center of the vehicle) (see vehicle-specific instructions at
- Actuate the cleaner and move the spray probe carefully back and forth to flush out and clean the evaporator thoroughly.
- Allow 15 - 20 minutes for the cleaning fluid to take effect.
- Dry the surface of the evaporator for 10 minutes with the heater and blower at the same setting as prior to cleaning.
- Replace the dust and pollen filter.
Note: Any cleaner which is spilled must be wiped up using a damp cloth and water.