Liqui Moly 75w80 Synthetic Gear Oil 1L GL4 Top Tec MTF 5200 BMW Ford GM 20845

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Product Description

Low-viscosity high-performance transmission fluid with excellent high pressure and wear protection properties. Multi-purpose. Reduces friction, lowers fuel consumption and emissions and ensures smooth shifting operations. The outstanding thermal and oxidative stability guarantees a clean transmission and a long oil service life.
- Excellent high-pressure and wear protection properties
- Saves fuel and reduces pollutant emissions
- Reduces gearshift resistance
- Excellent synchronous behavior
- Optimum stability to aging
- Outstanding resistance to oxidation
LIQUI MOLY also recommends this product for vehicles or assemblies for which the following specifications or original part numbers are required
BMW 83 22 0 309 031 • BMW 83 22 0 403 247 • BMW MTF LT-2 • BMW MTF LT-4 • Ford WSD-M2C 200-C • GM 1940764 • GM 1940768 • Nissan MT-XZ • Nissan MT-XZ TL (JR Type) • Peugeot Citroen (PSA) B71 2330 • Special Honda MTF-II • Toyota • Volvo 97308


Developed for use in transaxles, manual transmissions and transfer cases. Recommended particularly for BMW, Ford, GM/Opel, Honda, Nissan, Toyota/Peugeot/Citroën (PSA), Volvo and vehicles from other manufacturers.


The specifications and instructions from the assembly or vehicle manufacturer must be followed. Optimum effectiveness is only possible when the product is used unmixed.