ADBLUE Anti Crystal Additive 250ML Reduces Deposits 21799

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Product Description

Ash-free combination of additives for the prevention of
malfunctions in the SCR system of diesel engines.
Reduces the formation of deposits in the AdBlue®
tank and AdBlue® injection system. Improves the
operability at low temperatures and guarantees
extremely fine atomization of the urea solution by
lowering the surface tension. Optimizes the return
flow of the AdBlue® into the system, thereby
minimizing the risk of AdBlue® crystallization.
Areas of application
For all SCR systems that are operated with 32.5 %
urea solution (AdBlue®, DEF).
Add 1 % to the AdBlue® solution. 100 ml is sufficient
for 12-15 l of AdBlue®. For long-term application. Do
not add to fuel! When adding to the AdBlue® tank,
should ideally be added after the filling process.


Frost sensitive. Shake at room temperature to disperse deposits on bottom!