Liqui Moly Top Tec 4210 0W30 Engine Oil ACEA C3 VW 504 00 507 00 C30 21605

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Product Description

High-tech low-friction motor oil based on synthetic
technology. Ensures maximum performance, low fuel consumption and optimum lubrication under all operating conditions. Reduces friction between moving engine parts and minimizes wear. The low proportion of ash-forming ingredients ensures maximum service life of the particulate filters.
- minimizes friction
- highest fuel economy
- optimum lubrication under all operating conditions
- excellent high-pressure and wear protection properties
- outstanding engine cleanliness
- reduces pollutant emissions
- instant lubrication after cold start
- increases service life
- tested for particulate filters and catalytic converters
- tested for turbocharger
BMW Longlife-04
MB-Approval 229.51
MB-Approval 229.52
Porsche C30
VW 504 00
VW 507 00
Areas of application
For gasoline and diesel vehicles also particulate filter. Specially developed for vehicles of Audi, Porsche and the Volkswagen Group, which, according to the Motor Oil Strategy 2020/2021, prescribe a lubricant of this specification and viscosity in various models worldwide.
The specifications and instructions from the assembly or vehicle manufacturer must be followed! Optimum effectiveness is only possible when the product is used unmixed.