Engine cooling is one of those areas that you often don’t notice until it causes problems. To prevent this from happening, the German oil and additive specialist LIQUI MOLY has developed two new products: Marine Anti-Limescale and Marine Antifreeze.


An external cooling circuit can also suffer from limescale deposits. The cooling capacity is gradually reduced and the engine temperature rises. This happens so slowly that it often goes unnoticed. At the same time, the risk of the cooling system suddenly causing problems or failing completely increases.

Marine Anti-Limescale from LIQUI MOLY helps here. It was specially developed for the external cooling circuit of boat engines. Its inorganic acid gently but reliably removes limescale deposits throughout the entire circuit. For this purpose, it is added via the intake area of the external cooling circuit. Thanks to the red color, it is easy to see when it comes out of the outlet and the entire circuit is filled. Marine Anti-Limescale is allowed to take effect for 30 to 60 minutes. It is then drained together with the dissolved deposits and the system is flushed out with water. In case of severe calcification, Marine Anti-Limescale can be used undiluted; for preventive application, one liter of Marine Anti-Limescale to ten liters of water is sufficient.

If the boat spends the winter on land, the external cooling circuit is at risk of frost damage due to freezing residual water. This can be avoided with Marine Antifreeze from LIQUI MOLY. In the same way as Marine Anti-Limescale, it is added via the intake area of the external cooling circuit. Because of the blue color, it can be seen immediately when it runs out at the outlet, indicating that the entire system is filled. Undiluted, it protects against temperatures down to minus 32 degrees Celsius.

The alternative would be to drain all the lines laboriously by hand. The use of Marine Antifreeze is not only easier, but also protects the system against corrosion, which can occur when the system comes into contact with air. Marine Antifreeze offers high material compatibility and is biodegradable.

A cooling system without limescale, without hidden frost damage and without corrosion ensures high operational reliability and more efficient, environment-friendly engine operation. Taken care of in this way, the engine cooling system can once again be consigned to a shadowy existence – without the need for a guilty conscience.

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