Wynns Professional Formula Multi Lube 500ml Spray Lubricant Clean Degrease 10379

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Wynn's Multi Lube with PTFE is a versatile lubricating, cleaning and penetrating fluid with strong dielectric (insulating). Frees seized parts. Protects from rust and corrosion. Repels moisture. Maintains insulating properties. Dissolves grease, tar, gum and adhesives. Leaves a protective film.
Multi-use - penetrates, lubricates and protects.
5-Action lube with PTFE
Removes moisture
Frees rusted and seized parts
Cleans and degreases
Engine: Petrol & Hybrid petrol, Diesel & Hybrid diesel
Use to clean workshop tools after use, leaving a light protective film. Ideal for protecting garden equipment during winter lay-up. Spray liberally on car ignition systems to repel moisture and protect from dampness.
Shake can well before use. Spray liberally on to surface to be treated.
Extremely flammable aerosol.
Pressurised container: May burst if heated.