Wynns Professional Diesel Clean Up Emission & Soot Reducer Treatment 325ml 25241

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Wynn's Diesel Clean-Up is a concentrated product for cleaning diesel fuel systems that is used undiluted for filling up the fuel filter
Reduces black smoke, soot and exhaust emissions.
Restores injector spray pattern.
Decarbonises the combustion chamber.
Restores compression and improves combustion.
Cleans the fuel injection pump and fuel lines.
Lubricates the fuel pump.
For all diesel engines with or without turbocharger.
Bring engine to operating temperature and switch off.
Remove and empty the fuel filter or housing.
Add contents of the 325 ml bottle to the fuel filter or housing (do not apply via the fuel tank). If necessary top up with fuel. Refit filter and start engine.
Immediately drive the vehicle for at least 3 km (2 miles) at moderate speed.
To maintain efficient operation, it is recommended that Wynns Diesel Clean-Up is used every 6 months.