Wynns Ice Proof For Diesel Additive Winter Weather Anti Wax 90795

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Wynns Ice Proof for Diesel Flow improver for diesel fuel at low temperatures.
Suitable for emergency time (limit value the Filtrierbarkeit ? CFPP) to ? 26 °C Erniedrigen (see chart amongst the images). (Sink The Breakdown time point depends on the breakdown time, and the composition of the to force being treated fabric.)
Prevents the Ablagern of paraffin crystals in the container.
Reduces the sticking of paraffin crystals.
Prevents the growth of wax crystals in diesel fuel at low temperatures.
Prevents settling and accumulation of wax crystals at the bottom of the tank (?Antiwax settling?).
Makes the diesel fuel winter safe up to -26°C/-30°C depending on the properties of the diesel fuel.
For all diesel engines with or without turbochargers.
For all diesel fuels and biodiesel up to B05.
Add 250 ml per 100 litres diesel fuel when the fuel temperature is above 5°C.
Appearance: Light Blue Liquid
Density at 15 °C: approximately 0,817 kg/dm³
Flame dots (closed jar): approximately 47 °C
Refractive device at 20 °C: approximately 1,455