Wynns Fuel System Cleaner Petrol Engines Aircon Treatment Additive 61354

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Wynn's Fuel System Cleaner is developed to maintain the cleanliness of the fuel system and reduce the octane requirement increase.

Maintains the cleanliness of the fuel system.
Reduces the octane requirement increase.
Prevents the formation of deposits in the carburettor and on injectors and valves.
Lubricates the injectors, the inlet valves, fuel system and upper cylinder area.
Protects against rust and corrosion.
Facilitates cold starting.
Reduces pre-ignition.
Protects against carburettor icing.
Is suitable for leaded and unleaded petrol and does not contain components which harm catalytic converters.
For all petrol engines.
Add to petrol tank
Maintenance dose: 1 bottle of 325 ml every 2.000 km.
In case of heavily fouled valves and injectors, high load and city traffic: 1 bottle of 325 ml every topping-up.
Technical Data
Appearance: Yellow liquid.
Density at 15°C: 0,812 kg/dm³
Refractive index at 20°C: 1,436.
Flash Point: <20°C