Wynns Combustion Chamber Cleaner Restore Compression Petrol Additive 63841

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Restores valve mobility and prevents detonation (caused by carbon formation), dissolves and removes deposits from the walls of the combustion chamber, from the grooves of the piston rings, and also eliminates plaque in the intake manifold, restores compression.
Valve cleaner
Combustion chamber cleaner
Softens And Removes Combustion Residues From Chamber Walls, Valves, Valve Stems And Piston Rings.
Unlocks The Valves
Restores Compression And Valve Operations
Removes Carbon Deposits From Inlet Valves, Even Tires And Varnishes From The Intake Manifold.
It Does Not Damage The Catalytic Mufflers
Suitable For All Petrol Engines With Carburetor Or Injection System.
The Special Adapter Controls The Flow Of The Product In The Engine
Usage Method: Into fuel
Purpose of the fuel additive: Petrol
Volume: 325 ml
Density at 15C°: 0.918 g/cm3
Flash point: 50 C°