MPM Complete Diesel System Cleaner 250ML Fuel System Injector Cleaner Treatment AD06250

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MPM Complete Diesel System Cleaner cleans the entire diesel fuel system including the injectors. The treatment also contains a cetane booster and additives to lubricate the diesel fuel pump.
Cleans the entire fuel system including the injectors.
Improves and enhances the engine and combustion performance.
Increases cetane number.
Lubricates the diesel fuel pump.
De-cokes the combustion chamber and reduces carbon build up.
Reduces fuel consumption and reduces emission of hazardous exhaust gases.
For all diesel engines including common rail with or without turbocharger running low- or normal-sulphur level diesel fuel.
Pour entire content of the 250 ml bottle in the tank, preferable before refueling with diesel fuel. Dose for 40 to 60 litres of fuel. The product can be used as a curative treatment or preventative if used on a regular basis.