Liqui Moly Engine System Cleaner Diesel 300ml 21491

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Product Description

Additive combination with a high percentage of cleaning and corrosion protection additives as well as additives ensuring effective lubrication. Removes troublesome deposits from high-precision components, such as injectors and high-pressure pumps, and maintains optimal functionality. Also protects expensive injection system components through lubrication action improvers and corrosion inhibitors. Restores engines to original performance levels and provides low exhaust emissions values, thereby lowering fuel consumption.
- removes deposits from entire fuel system
- prevents the build-up of deposits
- suitable for all diesel engines, including common rail and pumped-jet
- protects injection system components from wear
- prevents seizing and the injector needles from gumming up
- guarantees optimum combustion
Areas of application
Suitable for use in the workshop for all diesel engines, including common rail and pumped jet high-pressure injection as well as in vehicles with or without a diesel particulate filter.
Can be added to the fuel at any time. Mixing takes place automatically. 300 ml sufficient for max. 75 l of fuel.