Forch Turbo Power Screw Fix Solution for Screw Defects S415 15g F5001010

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Product Description

Assists in loosening of tight screws due to optimum power transmission from the screwdriver to the screw head
One drop onto the screw head is sufficient
Prevents damage to the screw head
Also optimum effect in case of damaged screw driver
Area of application:
TurboPower Screw Fix improves the grip between tool and screw by over 400%. No slipping of the screwdriver on worn or rounded screws.
A drop of turbo power screw fix and the screwdriver grips - the screw can be rotated easily.
Product Data:
Works immediately. Suitable for all screw types! Skin-friendly and non-toxic. Very economical and can be stored indefinitely.
IMPORTANT NOTE: This is clearance stock and might be some signs of wear like dents or scratches but items are new and unopened.