Ecomotive Diesel Turbo Cleaner Restore 250ml Pro Petrol Turbo Cleaner Spray ETC250

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Product Description

The Ecomotive Turbo Clean/Restore is 250ml aerosol for petrol & diesel engines to reduce harmful emissions. It cleans and unblocks dirty turbocharger with or without dismantling.
Cleans and unblocks dirty turbocharger with or without dismantling
Dissolves gum / lacquer, tar, carbon and varnish. Restores turbo power to its manufacturers design point
Regains optimal air/fuel ratio
Harmless to exhaust gas after-treatment systems
Use a can of Eco-Motive Clean Drive every 3000 miles to maintain cleanliness.
For all Petrol and Diesel engines.
It can be used by simply spraying the aerosol into the car's air intake manifold and works by dissolving the built-up gum, lacquer, Carbon and varnish.