Carlube Engine Flush Oil Additive Engine Cleaner 300ML 171018

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Product Description

Carlube Engine Flush is a carefully balanced blend of solvents, surfactants, dispersants and a neutralising agent which quickly breaks down sludge and deposits, which can otherwise remain in the engine, causing rapid deterioration of the new oil.
Ensure engine oil is at a safe level. Warm engine to operating temperature. Add entire contents (300ml) to engine and idle for 10-20 minutes.
It is advantageous if engine speed can be varied slightly during this time but do not rev hard.
Stop the engine and drain immediately whilst hot.
Avoid skin contact.
Remove oil filter and leave to drain for 30 minutes.
Replace drain plug and fit new filter.
Refill with correct grade of engine oil.
Under no circumstances should the vehicle be driven whilst Engine Flush is in use.
Please take extra caution when draining hot oil from the vehicle and wear protective equipment.
Store in an upright position and secure when transported.
Cleans the interior of car engines.
MPORTANT NOTE: This is clearance stock and might be some signs of wear like dents or scratches but items are new and unopened.